The Ethics and Compliance Hotline is an anonymous reporting mechanism that can be called to address quality and food safety concerns, as well as any unethical practices or non-CM approved behaviors. This phone number is available for stakeholders (employees, service providers, potential candidates for employment, local businesses, the community, etc.) to report any issues that concern “product safety, integrity, quality, and legality”.

The dedicated phone line provides a way for Continental Mills Leadership to receive confidential information that is important for us to address. The number is 1-888-681-0100, and all calls will be forwarded to the VP of Quality & Regulatory, and the SVP of Human Resources. By maintaining anonymity of all calls, people who observe or have a concern will have a safe way to report it, and we will have the benefit of that knowledge so that we can take appropriate action to address it.

Continental Mills has a long-standing history of effectively addressing concerns through our Open Door policy which is still the preferred way to communicate a concern for internal stakeholders. However, if someone is not comfortable reporting their concern in person, or is an external stakeholder, this would allow critical information to be received and acted upon.

To access the Ethics and Compliance Hotline, please call 1-888-681-0100.